Coefficient of Friction Testing Using BOT-3000E Portable Digital Tribometer

Bot3000EPacific Injury & Safety Experts are proud owners of this state of the art tribometer capable of measuring in-field both Dynamic and Static coefficient of friction.

We own the equipment which means that we do not have to depend on renting the tribometer and as such we are capable of immediate reaction to field testing your floor.

Our BOT-3000E is designed to test for the latest American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A326.3 American National Standard Test Method For Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Of Hard Surface Flooring Materials.

As noted by the manufacturer, Regan Scientific Instruments, the “BOT-3000E is the third generation design of the most recognized, advanced, and portable digital tribometer in the world today.” The BOT-3000E can test wet or dry surfaces. Though the equipment was primarily designed to test hard floor surfaces, “it has also been used to determine the slip-resistance of other materials such as paints, waxes, and other coatings on flat metal, plastic, wood, laminate, concrete and stone surfaces”

The BOT-3000E advanced design is capable of in-field printing of the test results and producing detailed PDF reports including images of the testing with its built-in camera.

As factory trained and certified BOT-3000E operators we are set to travel where needed to conduct in-field floor safety tests. Call us toll-free at 1-562-606-2010 or send an inspection request through our Contact page.