Forensic Investigation of Personal Injury and Workplace Safety Claims

With over 50 years of experience in the construction, insurance, and safety industries, our senior licensed and certified expert Gidon R. Vardi and his available team of experts are here to provide forensic investigation and expert witness services in the fields of personal injury, workplace safety, and accident reconstruction including: Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, Wrongful Death, Falls Through Skylights, Falls on Stairs, Premises Liability, Habitability, ADA, OSHA, Construction Accidents, and Defective Construction Leading To Motor Vehicle Accidents. Refer to our Services tab for a complete list of investigation services.

Our forensic investigation and inspection includes all types of facilities and incident claims including: retail, medical, office, industrial, restaurants, airports, theatre, conference, auto repair, schools, government, marina, parking lot, bathing and swimming pools, bathrooms, sidewalks and walkways, warehouse, senior care, transportation, heavy equipment, forklift, trucks and hauling, railway, machine shop, food production, conveyer systems, variety of construction sites, commercial and residential.

With the use of our ASM-825A and ASM-925 tribometers we are able to provide floor safety testing and coefficient of friction in compliance with ANSI A326.3 standard for hard walking surfaces such as ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite, mosaic, nanoglass, vinyl, linoleum, polished concrete, epoxy coated floor, painted floor, hardwood floor, laminate floor, composites, cultured, leather flooring, steel, and aluminum flooring.

Our services are provided equally to both the defense and plaintiff bar and welcome all inquiries from the personal injury lawyer.

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