The World War II American idiom meant beware of unguarded talk. The same goes for unfounded, or worse, contrived rumors.

     Some in the legal and consulting profession are spreading false rumors that somehow our firm is in business with WEXCO International Corporation.  That is patently false.

     The actual facts are that in late 2018 our corporation A T Vardi, Inc. hired a business broker to sell one of our divisions, XL Services. The option to purchase this division was available to whoever was able to meet our selling price and terms. The offer for sale was made both nationally and internationally.

     On February 08, 2019, WEXCO International Corporation purchased XL Services in agreement with our selling price and terms.  This was a cash transaction.  We do not hold any WEXCO International Corporation stocks or any other form of ownership, nor do we have any management duties.

     For those XL Services clients who had pre-sale open cases and that insisted we offered, and WEXCO accepted, for us to continue to service those open cases until they conclude.

     A T Vardi, Inc. second division, Pacific Injury and Safety Experts, is wholly owned by A T Vardi, Inc. and has no connection whatsoever to WEXCO.  In fact, we are often on the opposing sides of personal injury cases and competitors in this field.

     Some in the legal and consulting profession are spreading false rumors because they want to hurt our business. Some simply buy into the rumors without checking the facts. Whatever the case, we are here to continue to serve our clients and will continue to do so as we have been doing for nearly three decades.

     If you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact me directly at (562) 606-2010 and I will gladly answer any question you may have.

Thank you,

Gidon R. Vardi, Ph.D, President, A T Vardi, Inc.